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Over half a million members in North America have chosen the United Brotherhood of Carpenters of America (UBC)

a trade-oriented union.

We only represent carpenters, interior systems installers, resilient coaters and piling installers. We are proud of our jobs! Unlike multi-trade unions, we focus exclusively on these trades. Our representatives, having practiced the trades they represent themselves, give you the best advice and information in all areas of your trade.

We are present when it comes to defending our members, whether in terms of the jurisdiction of our businesses, professional development, conflicts of jurisdiction or any other issue that may jeopardize your rights or your acquired rights.

“i have worked all over canada and the united states, the ubc was always there for me”

With the Inter Brotherhood of Carpenters and Local 380, you can work anywhere in America. With our international affiliation, we have the expertise, the resources and the contacts to represent you wherever you work.


We represent you on your construction site, we represent you at the CCQ, at the CNESST, we are always there for you. Our team is the youngest and most dynamic in the industry and we have it all.

Your fights, we will lead them.

the most important union

in america

Communicating with our members is very important to us, so we have provided several ways for you to reach us. Moreover, the representatives are very active on the construction sites. During the visits, they ensure that the collective agreements are respected and that the health and safety measures are in conformity. They also make sure to follow up in the event of a recurring problem and can advise you if there is a need to initiate a salary complaint or grievance.

1739 - the first gatherings

Did you know that the first groups of carpenters were organized in 1739 in the city of Philadelphia in the United States? The carpenters of our fraternity created the very first labor organization in North America.

1886 - the sad manifestations

In 1886, following a peaceful demonstration by carpenters in the Chicago flea market, then law enforcement officials opened fire on demonstrators injuring many people and even killing them. This sad day will mark our history as a birth certificate. The Haymarket Square massacre will be forever remembered as a symbol of the right to safe work and the end of labor exploitation.

1888 - the local 134 is creatted

Local 134 was founded in 1888 and is one of the first premises to be established in Canada. For over 100 years, UBC has contributed to improving the quality of life of carpenters, interior systems installers and resilient flooring installers in the province of Quebec.

UBC's Impact

(UBC) has set the tone and shown the way for all other labor groups in Canada and the United States. Through union struggles, the middle class, existing today in North America, emerged. Over time, 8 hour to 5 day a week days with fair wages became normal. Pension funds and other social benefits, negotiated by union associations, will greatly improve working life.

the conseil provincial international

In Quebec, our organization – the Conseil Provincial International – is the only one that can boast of having participated in the negotiation of all collective agreements.

Helping you in your job search is one of our priorities. Since our 4 locals hold a reference permit, we have regular access to labor requests via the CCQ platform. We can therefore refer you to employers when you let us know of your availability for employment.

we support you 100% in your job search.

health and safety is at the heart of our priorities

During a site visit, we make sure that your employer respects you by applying the rules and good health and safety measures. We also offer you a support and representation service in the event of a work accident or occupational disease.

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