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The International Brotherhood represents the Carpenters in Quebec with the 134, 160 and 761 local sections. The 380 local represents the interior systems installers everywhere in the province.

how it works

Our representative teams are dispatched throughout Quebec to make sure we can protect your trade and defend your interests everywhere.


On the North American level, we are affiliated with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America which owns our charts and provide different channels of support.


In the province of Quebec, we are affiliated with the Conseil Provincial International which takes care of the relations with governments, employer associations and other industry actors like CNESST and ASP.

Connected trades

Whether wood or aluminum, frames are the specialty of our trades. We are everywhere on a construction site, at all stages, from formwork to finishing, our trades contribute to the construction of the present and the future.


The term “carpenter” means any person who performs structural work of wood or cold formed steel, carpentry work, assembly work, erection and repair of parts of wood or metal , as:

  1. concrete formwork including formwork for footings, walls, pillars, columns, beams, slabs, stairs, pavements, sidewalks and curbs on the ground and formwork retention devices;
  2. screens, door and sash frames, doors, windows, thresholds, weatherstripping, curtain walls and siding of wood, aluminum or other composition;
  3. metal partitions;
  4. shingles, related non-welded and non-stapled sheet metal, sandstone tiles;
    insulation in mats, rolls or panels fixed with nails, staples or glue;
  5. wall panels;
  6. laths of wood or other composition;
  7. the steel half-timberings (turnings);
  8. nailing of iron corners and metal moldings;
  9. cabinets, counters and removable or fixed shelves including the application of laminated plastic sheets or other similar coating;
  10. acoustic tiles, including moldings;
  11. bowling alleys and their accessories;
  12. parquet floors including sanding and finishing;
  13. synthetic turf;
  14. the placement, lifting and handling of the following parts: steel sheet piles, shoring piles, molds, struts, struts, support piles and temporary steel or heavy structural timber props driven into the ground.
interior systems installer

The term “interior systems installer” refers to any person who:

  1.  prepares and installs all types of laths;
  2. prepares, assembles and installs any attached or welded metal hardware used in the assembly and installation of any metal support for suspended ceilings;
  3. install metal studs (studs) for walls or partitions suitable for receiving any metal lath, gypsum or similar composition or any wall board or gypsum tile;
  4. applies gypsum or composite wall panels to half-timbered steel partitions or to metal furring;
  5. install any metal mesh suitable for receiving any kind of coating;
    laying acoustic tiles.


The Brotherhood unites proud workers around our trades. We are men and women who are building the Quebec of tomorrow with all our heart.

The true brotherhood

Proud representatives

Here as elsewhere, carpenters and interior systems installers participate in all stages of construction. From formwork to finish, from interior walls to more complex interior systems, from small family neighborhoods to major infrastructure projects, they have built, are building and will always build the world of tomorrow. We can be proud of it.

Everywhere in north america

In Quebec, the fraternity is affiliated with the Provincial Council (International) while in Canada and the rest of America, the fraternity is affiliated with the United Carpenters Brotherhood which opens the doors to the international. No matter where you work, someone from the fellowship is there for you.

The most important union in america

Although a little less represented in Quebec, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters-Joiners of America has represented nearly 500,000 workers across the continent for over 150 years, making it the largest and oldest association of workers in the United States. country.

a on-field team

Every day, our representatives meet on site to come and meet you. A concern, an emergency or a simple courtesy visit, our representatives are always there for you.

international notoriety

We are affiliated with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, the largest association of tradespeople in America. Their endorsement opens all doors to us outside Quebec.

provincial presence

In Quebec, we are affiliated with the International Provincial Council. They manage relationships with institutions and the various levels of government, they work on improving Health and Safety standards and they support us in our daily activities.

local impact

Our members have access to high quality services whether they work here or elsewhere. We have the expertise, the resources and the contacts to stand up for you no matter where you work.

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